Sunday 22 Jul 2018
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Unfortuantely there can sometimes be additional charges or costs involved and we have to pass these on. 

Mainly, the additional charges are kept to as miniumum as possible. All of our booth hire costs included delivery and installation up to and including a 50 mile distance from our base - G67. Mileage carges beyond that are charged at £1 per mile one way. As an example: G67 to Aberdeen is 130 miles, minus the 50 leaves 80 miles which in turn translates to £80 extra. Call us to confirm if your location has an additional charge if you are unsure.  also, we reserve the right to pass on any ferry charges for travel to the Isles etc and overnight accomodation.

Sometimes a client may need us to set up earlier than the hire period, eg the room requries us to set up much earlier than we normally would. we always get to your venue in plenty of time but if you require us to arrive even earlier we will need to charge you £25 for each additional idle hour where the booth is not in use when not due to our fault.


Bookings, Deposits and Payments

To make a booking, first we need to know the date(s) of your event, if that date is available, you'll need to secure it with a deposit!

All bookings must be confirmed by us to you in writing or email, once we receive your £200 deposit. We will then contact you prior to the event, approx 4 weeks for the remaining payment. we will also discuss with you the requirements for any additional work for the templates, screens etc and if a theme is requried. Any additional, optional extras must also be paid for at this time. Please see our Terms & Conditions (available on request) for a full explanation including refunds etc.

Some people hae asked why £200 for a deposit? As some companies charge up to 50% for the deposit we feel it offers  degree of committment from both you and us. We are a full-time business, dedicated to supplying you with the ultimate in a Photo Booth experience.  We are not like some of the part-time, Saturday fillers trying to make a quick buck! We always supply TWO attendants - some other Photo Booth opertors will tell you that you don't need two - that's because they only supply one! We always supply you with TWO attendants so that the booth is managed as well as the props, guest book, keyrings etc - we look after YOU and YOUR guests so that all they have to do is concentrte on having fun - not how to operate the booth!