Sunday 22 Jul 2018
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Frequently Asked Questions

While the list is extensive we appreciate that each and every event will have some questions. We hope that the list below will answer all of your questions but please feel free to contact us if you need to ask something we have not covered or want to ask something to reassure you for your event.

Your event is special and what matters most - we aim to answer all your questions to allow you to make an informed choice about the Photo Booth company you hire. We look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can fit in the Booth?

How long is a piece of string? :)  Easily 2 or 3, comfortably 4, in a party mode 5 or 6 becomes interesting! 7 or 8 and the faces are looking a bit squashed - but still smiling!  

How about Wheelchair access?

Our booth entrance can accommodate a wheelchair to gain access, unfortunately turning the wheelchair once inside is difficult as there isn't much room. So the user has to be included from the side of the photo. But it does mean that wheelchair users can still join in the fun though!

Using the Booth

Your guests can visit the booth as many times as they wish - but be warned - other guests will be waiting for their turn as well! Remember all their photos are included in the hire fee - and don't forget you get UNLIMITED BOOTH VISITS!

I've heard about Green Screen?

Green Screen technology is where we take all the pictures with a green screen backdrop instead of a normal booth curtain. It allows us to digitally insert a picture into the scene. Imagine where your guests are transported to some far off place in line with your party theme. You might have a Hollywood theme night and we could transport all your guests, using green screen, using the Hollywood Hills as your backdrop! Or an exotic beach location, a medieval castle...The limit is only your imagination! If you supply the picture/artwork then there is no extra charge for this. Unfortunately we have to pay for pictures that we use and depending on the nature of the background and the complexity we would have to pass on the costs of this.

Does it do Video Messages?

In addition to immediate prints we also offer the option to allow your guests to leave a video message. It's just as easy to operate as getting a photo. Your guest selects Video Message from the option menu on the screen, they then have a pre-determined amount of time (usually 30-45 seconds, longer if you want) to say their special message. Simple! All the video messages from the event will be collated onto one DVD. You can also use the clips on Facebook, YouTube etc.If you don't mind them taking over the booth for a few minutes - why not let them do both? The choice is all yours!

How do I know if your available?

Contact us as soon as you want to check. Some dates are very popular, especially during the "Wedding" season (May - Sept). Once we confirm that we have your date available you can then decide if you want to proceed with the booking.

How can I pay?

Currently we only accept payments via Cheque or Direct Bank Transfer (digital banking). Please do not send cash through the post. We will not be held responsible for missing cash payments sent through the post. We only accept cash on the night for extra hours if agreement has been made at the event. All payments should be made prior to the event. We reserve the right not to attend an event if the full payment has not been received 4 weeks in advance of the event. If paying by cheque then please allow sufficient time for the cheque to clear. We usually ask that you allow 10 days to ensure that clears ok. COMING SOON - Card payments will soon be accepted directly. Details will be posted as soon as we have the facility. Meanwhile, if paying by card is your ONLY option then please contact us and we can sort somethign out.

Can I have a Guest Book?

Of course you can have a Guest or Memories Book. We can print the photos in various formats. The most common one is a 2x4 format which is 2 strips of 4 small pictures on a 6x4 OR one of our unique desings on a 6x4. They can both be used for the guest book and offer a bit of variety for the bride & groom for later viewing. Currently, we have two Guest Books on offer - a padded white linen covered album or a padded Luxury Leather option - both come with 50 pages, vellum sheets to protect the photos and a presentation box. The choice is yours.  There is no additional charge for our Booth Attendants to organise the prints into the book for you and we can even supply a guest book unless you prefer to use one of your own choosing.

Do my pictures go on the web?

We can if you wish, upload the set of prints to Facebook or a secure website that we will provide you with a password to gain access to. We find that most customers would rather do that themselves and select which pictures to upload and which ones they'd rather not!  We apply a basic rules of decency to the photos - if they are safe for young children to view then we would upload them, otherwise they are confined to your disk and for your decision later! Some people do forget that the collection of photos is available to the organiser after the event - even though they have been told!

How do I book your Photo Booth?

Call us now to see if your date is available. Once we have confirmed that your event date is ok, you will need to complete a booking form, pay a £200 deposit to secure the date and we will send a receipt and confirm all your details. We will contact you to discuss with you about your photo design, special message on the photo, welcome screen, and all the other options that we need to know in advance of your event. Don't worry about making any rash decisions - you can change them all (within reason!) as long as we have enough notice before the event. Once the booking has been confirmed, we will notify you 4 weeks before the event to make sure that you are still happy with the photo template designs etc and to arrange payment of the remainder of the fee. This must be paid, in full, 4 weeks prior to the event. If your event is taking place at shorter notice then we require full payment at the booking stage. We aim to make this as easy as possible - so please let us know if you need any...

I want to order the booth as a gift?

An increasing number of people want to order the booth as a fantastic gift for the bride and groom. This can be done as discretely as possible and we can liaise with the venue to "sneak" into the event. Sometimes this isn't possible but the surprise on the couple if we do manage to get away with it is worth its weight in gold!  We can't guarantee that someone doesn't let it slip out or that we are found out in some way but we will make sure that we try our best to keep the surprise till the very last minute! Sometimes, it doesn't matter, you might even want them to know, it's easier for all concerned and we will work with you to make sure that the booth is the best gift anyone could have given them. Payment terms are the same as if you were booking for your own event, however, we can negotiate with the venue on your behalf.

Which options do I choose?

With something as exciting as a Photo Booth at your event it's really difficult to decide on which options to include or leave out. Don't worry about the options for now - we can assist you in deciding which will be best for your event. We can supply lots of extras which can make your event extra special. From a Guest Book with an extra set of prints, special templates to make your photos stand out from the crowd, video messaging, green screen, keyrings (some organisers like these for favours/keepsakes) - so much choice - but let us help you decide!

What's in the Party Prop Box?

There's quite a collection of props in the box for your guests to try on. From silly wigs, hats and glasses to small blackboards to write messages on. You'll find that we have most of the props available on the market today to make your Photo Booth session full of fun and laughter!  All we ask is that your guests return the props after their photo for other guests to enjoy as well. We can only maintain a FREE hire if your guests return the props to our Booth Assistant. Whilst every effort is made to gather them in, we reserve the right to charge a handling fee if non-return is excessive. We want you to have a carefree, fun and exciting event without the worry of any damages or missing items and we will do our utmost to ensure that your event is one to remember for all the right reasons!

Do I lose time for set-up?

Absolutely not! Included in the cost of your hire is our team setting up the booth before your hire period and dismantling it at the end of the hire. This time is NOT part of your hire period.  If there are any delays, your hire period only starts once the booth is operational.

Do the guests keep the prints?

Your guests keep their copy of the print for themselves. We have additional packages that will print off an extra copy for either you to keep or to insert in a Memories Book.

What's the print quality like?

The print quality is excellent. They are produced on one of the best dye sublimation printers available today - and are ready to use immediately. They should last for many years and won't fade or smudge. The 6x4 Prints are ready to take away from the booth 20 seconds later.

Can we have Colour or Black & White?

Your guests can choose to select Colour or Black & White prints at the time of their visit to the booth. We can, however, make layout changes so that you can have a selection of colour and B&W prints. We would not change the layout during your event and would discuss the options with you prior to it.  

I want to have my guests leave Video Messages

This option is increasingly popular - think of it as your own X-Factor Booth!! We can prepare the Booth to allow Video Messages to be left either exclusively as a Diary  Room option or perhaps as an extra to the prints as well! Your guests can choose Colour, B&W prints AND leave a Video Message if this option is available. You can also have the booth set up as a Video Only booth if you wanted. This is useful if you wanted to capture only video messages - for example at a corporate function where you might want your Sales Team to pitch a product and be able to review the results later. Or perhaps asking customers what they thought of a product or event etc - invaluable feedback!

I'd like the name of my event on the photos

We can add in your name, company, event, date of a wedding or birthday etc and this is included in the hire fee. We can also design templates to suit your party or theme or perhaps you have a colour scheme that you would like us to compliment? As long as we have time prior to your booking we will supply you with some examples for you to choose from. The cost of designing the template is FREE but we reserve the right to charge for any additional artwork which would have to be commisioned/purchased on your behalf. Many of our templates do not incur any charges though and they are a fantastic way of making the pictures truly unique to your event.

How many hours do I get?

It depends on several factors. Usually an event has been booked for 4 hours. You get 4 hours inside the booth. Our setting up/dismantling time is not part of your hire period. If you book additional hours prior to your event then these are included. If, on the night, you decide to extend the time, we can not guarantee availability as the booth might be scheduled for another function or due to staff requirements and availability.  We know that the Booth generates alot of fun at events and the novelty of it being there can make your guests want more - we always try to accommodate a request for additional time but the decision will be left to the Booth Team Leader/Manager and their decision will be final. If you think you will need extra hours it is always safer to pre-book them.

How will everyone know about the Booth?

The best way to let everyone know about the Booth is to ask your DJ or Band to announce that the booth is open and let them know where it is located.  At most events, we are hard to miss! We are usually located in or very near the main function hall, or in the foyer, near the bar area - people will soon find us! The only thing we ask is that the DJ/Band let everyone know that the booth time is nearing an end so that anyone can try and get that last minute picture! We also place cards on the tables so that your guests will know we are there and that the pictures are FREE!

I'm not sure about hiring a booth..

Photo Booths have been taking the UK by storm!  They are the latest in fun entertainment for any event - weddings, birthday celebrations, corporate events, in fact almost any event where people get together and want to have some fun! With the additional bonus of getting an instant print they bring back a lot of memories for many people (Remember Woolies?) but even in this digital age, people still appreciate receiving a print out on the day/night of the event. Even though people have digital camera, mobile phones with cameras, camcorders etc - getting your picture taken with a group of friends in silly props generates so many happy memories for your guests that it will make YOUR event the one that people will be  talking about for years to come.

Is it suitable for a Corporate Event?

Our Booths are ideal for all sorts of corporate event or function. They are suitable for ice-breakers, recruitment campaigns, product launches, market research - in fact where you want to enthuse your personnel or get feedback on your product, service or company - the Photo Booth has to be one of the novelist ways to get people talking and taking part! Call us now to discuss how we can help you realise the Photo Booth potential at your event or drop us an email with your event details and we will get back to you as soon as possible with some plans and ideas for how you can maximise the use of a booth at your event.  Or see our Corporate page for more examples and further details.

Will I be left to operate it on my own?

OF course not! This is a highly technical piece of equipment and the hiring of the Photo Booth is so that your event has more fun in it than any other - not for you to be learning how to assemble the booth and work out how the complex software works - that's why we stay with the Booth! We will be there, on hand, throughout your event hire period to ensure that things run smoothly, that your guests enjoy the Booth and we maximise the use of it by encouraging your guests to go in as much as possible. All you have to worry about then is - "when is it my turn?" :)

How much space do you need?

The physical size of the booth is 2.3m Long x 1.4m Deep x 2m High but re really need approx 3m x 2m x 2.1m. This allows us plenty of room to assemble the booth without anything getting broken! It also allows your guests room to get in/out of the booth safely. The extra space near the end of the booth is to allow us to set up the Prop Box and a Guest Book if you're having that option. We also need access to an electricity supply within 5m approx. If your event is in a marquee then we need a flat surface and to be under cover - electricity and the elements don't usually go together well!

My event isn't on the Ground Floor

If your event isn't on the ground floor - no problem! Our booth allows us to take it almost anywhere, upstairs, in a marquee, on a roof terrace - wherever your event, we can usually get there. We don't need to have a nice even surface to get there as our booth isn't on wheels.  As long as the floor where it will eventually be sited is reasonably even, that'll do. If it is in a marquee then we will need a hard floor surface to take the weight, a cover to keep out the rain and a safe external power supply.

The height of the room is restricted

If the room height is restricted at your venue, don't worry! As long as it isn't below 2.1 metres (the height in most houses these days) then it will be fine.

My event is more than 50 miles away

While we know not everyone has their functions within 50 miles of our location, we can, and will, travel anywhere in Scotland. There are additional travel costs involved but we aim to keep these to an absolute minimum. Please contact us for an up-to-date quote. When we say we will do an event anywhere in Scotland - we mean ANYWHERE! We will travel to the Highlands and Islands to show off our Booth! The only thing we add is the costs of the travel (inc Fuel & Ferry) and possible overnight accommodation costs.

I need the booth early!!

Not all events allow us to set up the booth before the action happens. Some receptions now take place in the same room as the ceremony and you might want us to set up prior to the actual time of the hire period. That's not a problem, we do, however, make a small charge for this as unfortunately we still have to pay staff costs etc but it is not the same as full price extra hours as the booth is not in use.

Do you have Insurance?

Yes, we are fully covered for Public Liability. However, this doesn't mean that we accept unruly behaviour by guests and any damage caused by your guests during an event will have to be paid for. In the event that a booth, or our employees, are under threat, of danger or damage, we reserve the right to remove the booth from the venue. No refunds for lost time would be considered in this event. We will, however, assist in making the event as fun-filled as possible and avert any situation which might cause this to happen. We will always discuss this with the event organiser before removing the booth or service.

There will be lots of children at the event...

Some events, eg Birthday Parties & Weddings, will always have children present. Our rule is that children are more than welcome in the booth to have their pictures taken. However, we are not a child-minding service and expect that a responsbile adult to attend the booth with the children at all times. Children are fascinated by the booth and can sometimes dominate the action and therefore restricting the activity for other guests at the event. We will help manage this on your behalf but should children become unruly we will always speak to the event organiser to assist in making the booth available for all the guests. We want everyone at the event to enjoy the booth

What if it breaks down?

Like all technically advanced equipment - they sometimes fail to work! But because we use the highest specification of camera, printer, computer and software available on the market for a Photo Booth - we expect the breakdowns to be minimal but they can happen. If it happens at your event and our spares are not available for us to continue (for whatever reason) then we will refund your fees, pro-rata, including deposit). See Terms & Conditions for full refund rules. At an event we aim to be running at full steam but there might be some down time due to changing printer materials etc but we will keep this down time to an absolute minimum.

What do I get for my money?

Well, once you've booked, you can be safe in the knowledge that you have booked with a professinal Photo Booth supplier. We are a full time business and are not operating only for the wedding serices market. We cater for all types of events - no matter what day of week it is! Before your event we will contact you to arrange photo templates and other options to do with the picture. We will supply and erect our high tech Photo Booth at your event. All your guests will receive FREE prints of their vist to the booth. They will be allowed to visit the booth as often as they like. We will also supply you with a FREE hire of our Party Prop Box, full of hats, wigs etc for extra fun! We will complete a Guest Book if the option has been selected as part of your package. We will create a CD/DVD of all images for you to keep. We will provide you with TWO Booth Assistants to manage the booth at your event. In short - we will work as hard as we can to make sure that your event is a success!

Do I have to upload the pictures?

There is no reason why you must upload the pictures. We certainly won't upload them without your express permission. If you do decide you want to upload them at a later date when it suits you, then you are free to do so at your leisure. Some people forget that although there is a curtain at the entrance to the booth - that the organiser also gets a copy of all the photos! We do warn them! If you'd rather that we put your pictures online, either a password protected area on our server or somewhere like Facebook then we can organise this for you. We do, however, apply some simple decency rules to the pictures uploaded. We will not upload any pictures that we feel we wouldn't show a young child. That way, any embarrassing pictures are only on the CD/DVD that we supply you for you to decide on its status. Most customers prefer to receive the disk and make their own minds up - but please remember, we are here to help.  

Our event is being postponed, what can I do?

Sometimes things get changed that are out of your own personal control. We fully understand that sometimes you might need to change the date of an event. Let us know as soon as you know about the postponement. We will work with you to ensure that our side of the process runs smoothly. If you need to rebook to another date then we will need to check if that date is available and will work with you to accommodate this where possible. Unfortunately in some cases we might not be in a position to refund your deposit. 

I need to cancel - what next?

Sometimes an event might need to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Deposits are not normally credited to your account and where a date has to be changed, we will endeavour to make this change as fairly as possible.

I'm organising a Corporate Event, can you help?

We certainly can!  If you're planning a Recruitment Drive, a Product Launch, a Team Building Event, some Market Research, in fact anythign where you want to gather data from customers or employees then we can help create a solution that will ensure you stand out from the crowd. See our Corporate page for more examples and further details.

Are there many different templates to choose from?

Templates! Templates! Templates! There are so many templates that it would fill a book to show them all. However, there are basic templates which are made up from 2 strips of 4 pictures and the other main templates consist of 2 x 2 grid of 4 pictures. The benefit of the first is that it is easily trimmed for use in a Guest Book. Your guest takes one strip and we stick the other in your Guest Book for you along with a comment from your guest - it makes a terrific memento of the event. The 2 x 2 format allows you to have a larger image on the 6x4 print. If you want a Guest Book it's probably advisable to have another set of prints made at the same time. We also do several, individually designed templates which consist of 2,3 or 4 pictures with various backgrounds, images and even green screen technology to give it that extra uniqueness for your event.  Please feel free to discuss any design requirements with us as we aim to make sure that YOUR event is the one that everyone is talking ...

What type of Events do you do?

We supply Photo Booths to all types of events:- Weddings, Engagements, Birthdays, Celebrations, Prom Nights, Graduation Balls, Christmas Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Valentine's Dances, Retirements, Stag/Hen Nights, School/College Reunions, School Fundraisers, Children's Parties, , Christenings and Communions, Asian Weddings, Pink Parties, Civil Ceremonies, Corporate Functions, Product Launches, Team Building, Employee Recruitment, Charity Events, Gala Days, Community Events, Market Research Campaigns. and so much more...... You tell us about YOUR event and we will help you make the most of a Photo Booth!

Celebrate in style with our Post-Christmas Specials

For those of you who are planning an extra special party to celebrate the post-Christmas rush - we have something special for your event! It's NEVER to early to book for Christmas - and many corporate parties book early in the year to ensure that they don;t miss out! Having a Photo Booth at your party will start the New Year with a terrific set of prints. We have a special discount deal just for those January Parties - our New Year Special!! At these prices they won't hang around for long! Contact us now for more details and availability.

Christmas is coming - have you booked your Photo Booth yet?

With Christmas just around the corner have you thought about a Photo Booth for your Christmas Party?  For the larger event or corporate party we can provide you with memories that your Christmas Party guests will be talking about for years to come!  We can create Christmas templates just for you - advertising your business, venue or just wishing all of your employees. friends and guests, a very Merry Christmas! Contact us now for more details and availability. Ask about our Special Christmas Packages for multiple date bookings.

New Years Eve Special

If you're planning a superb party on New years Eve to bring in the bells, then we might have the best deal ever for your event!  Contact us for full pricing and details of how we can add some fun, excitement and a unique experience to your party! Complete with our fantastic Party Prop Box, your guests are guaranteed to have an amazing time up to and through the bells!  With this special offer we will stay through the bells from 8pm till 1am so that your guests will have plenty of time to get those extra pictures done after mid-night! The first pictures of the New Year - complete with YOUR message on every one of them. Contact us now for more details and availability. Ask about our New Years Eve Special Packages.